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Environmental Certifications

InnuScience has several certified Ecolabel products.

EU Ecolabel
EU Flower
Life cycle considerations


EU Ecolabel
Canadian Environmental Certification
Life cycles considerations


EU Ecolabel
European Nordic Countries
Life cycle, environment, climate and performance. Includes bacteria based products


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Innu-Science Nature Powered

Innu-Science specializes in manufacturing high performance cleaning products. Our team is made up of talented, determined and seasoned professionals who have combined bio technology with innovation and have created a truly ALL-GREEN product range.

Innu-Science have mastered the science and ability to make these specially selected good bacteria (Bacillus Subtilis) go to sleep in their concentrated formulations, the bacteria wake when diluted with water and are exposed to air, so many of these Innu-Science cleaning products have "live bacteria" present.

Our products are really a holistic solution which targets removing harmful chemicals from the environment whilst addressing the 4 P’s namely People, Planet, Performance and Profit by Cutting Costs.

Nature Powered

Our core values are:

  1. We care
  2. We tell the truth
  3. We lead and
  4. We innovate

Our mission statement with PhilClassic is to endorse innovation and provide sustainable products that meet the needs of today without compromising the future generations to come.


The Products Formulations Use a mix of:

  • Good Bacteria (Bacillus Subtilis)
  • Fermentation Extracts (Enzymes)
  • Tensides/Surfactants

The product range is formulated to consume the basic elements that are contained in organic compounds namely Oxygen, Carbon, Sulphur, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Phosphate



Our Product Range

Please click on any range below to view related products. Contact us for technical training and information about our cleaning products

Nu Bio Scrub
Bathroom Descaler & Cleaner
Nu Supreme
TRU Multipurpose Descaler
Nu Kleen Smell
All Surface Bathroom Cleaning
Nu Smell Plus
Eliminates Foul Odours
Nu Handwash Gel
Hand Soap
Nu Bio Block
Bio-Treatment for Urinals
Nu Flush
Automatic Dosing Liquid



Nu Karpet Kare
All Fabric Cleaning & Stain Treatment
Nu Egal
Eco-friendly floor buff
Nu Energika
Ecological Floor Stripper
Nu Floor Finish
Eco-friendly Floor Finish
Nu Floor Finish
Eco-friencly Floor Finish



Nu Action3
All Surface Degreasing
Nu Grip Plus
Kitchen Floor Cleaning & Degreasing
Nu Kleen All
All Surface Cleaner & Degreaser
Nu Kleen All
All Surface Cleaner & Degreaser
Nu Vent
Cleaner & Degreaser for Self-cleaning Hoods
Nu Filter
Cleaner & Super Degreaser for Hood Filters
Nu Flow
Drain Maintenance
Nu Sept
Septic Tanks & Portable Toilets
Nu Trap
Grease Trap Treatment
Nu Compact Kleen
Odour Purifier with Cleaning Action
Nu Odor
Eliminate Foul Odours



Nu Life
Heavy Duty Foaming Eco-Degreaser
Nu Attraktion
Specialized Cleaner for Vehicles
Nu Hand Scrub
Industrial Hand Soap
Nu Relation
Cleaner for Vehicle Interiors
Nu Fuzion
Concentrated Eco-Degreaser
Nu Tag
Graffiti Remover



Nu Cycle 2
Soft Water Detergent
Nu Cycle 3
Rinse Aid
Nu Cycle 4
Concentrated Soaking Solution
Nu Cycle 5
Concentrated Handwashing Detergent
Nu Cycle 6
Handwashing Detergent



Nu Cycle 2
Micro Fibre Washing Product
Nu Cycle 2
Comparing our biotechnology to leading chemistry detergents




Sale Sheets



General Cleaning


Gyms and Spas



Wall Charts

Toilet Facilities







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