Case Studies - Cleaning Bathrooms

PhilClassic prides itself on providing performance based products. Below is a selection of Case Studies to help you understand how our high performance products have influenced businesses around the world.

The breakdown of Uric Acid is the number one goal for any bathroom cleaning product. Innu-Science's range of products uses bacterial bio film to break down Uric Acid and Urine Soils turning it into carbon dioxide and water. This process will continue long after the cleaning cloth leaves the surface.

NU Bio-Scrub
NU Bio-Scrub


# Name Description
1. NU-Bio Scrub Bathroom Basins
2. NU-Bio Scrub Mould on Walls
3. NU-Bio Scrub Floor Drain
4. NU-Bio Scrub Mobile Ablution Facility
5. NU-Kleen Smell Urinals
6. NU-Flush Automatic Dosing Liquid for Urinals and Toilets
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