Case Studies - Odour Control

PhilClassic prides itself on providing performance based products. Below is a selection of Case Studies to help you understand how our high performance products have influenced businesses around the world.

Nu-Odor is very efficient to eliminate odours from decomposing organic matters. Nu-Odor is used in waste containers, garbage cans, garbage trucks and in any other place where elimination of foul odours is important like smoking areas of hotels, restaurants and inside cars.

Nu-Compact Kleen is an odour purifier with cleaning action made to eliminate foul odours at the source. It leaves an active and long-lasting bacterial flora that keeps cleaning and eliminating foul odours after cleaning procedure.

NU Odor
NU Compact Kleen


# Name Description
1. NU-Compact Kleen Race Horse Stable
2. NU-Odor Smoking Area
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