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Introducing nu kleen

nu kleen products are clean, fresh, powerful natural cleaners

The nu kleen product range covers all aspects of household cleaning from floor to ceiling. The diversity of the range caters for all consumers whether they looking for a ready to use or a concentrate range. nu kleen prides itself in its superior biodegradable qualities and international accreditations.

nu kleen™ provides new and innovative ways to not only clean their homes effectively, but protect their families and the environment simultaneously.

Using the green nu kleen range consumers significantly reduce harmful chemical exposure to both the environment and their family thereby encouraging health and vitality.

Contains NO phosphates, NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, NO Ammonia or Chlorine


What does green mean?

In a nutshell, green means having the lowest possible negative impact on the environment. A product is judged from cradle to grave – from
(1) the sourcing of raw materials (e.g. wood from sustainable forests, no toxins, fair trade),
(2) transportation distances and methods,
(3) the impact on the environment during manufacture (emissions, pollution),
(4) the impact on air, water, soil, nature in general during use,
(5) the impact when it is thrown away (can it be recycled, reused, will it pollute?).

NuKleen Products

  Did you know?

Most carpet cleaners are designed to over power the stain itself; they accomplish the task by using highly toxic substances. Some include perchlorethylene, a known carcinogen that damages liver, kidney and nervous system damage; and ammonium hydroxide, a corrosive, extremely irritable to eyes, skin and respiratory passages.

Laundry detergents contain phosphorus, enzymes, ammonia, naphthalene, phenol, sodium nitilotriacetate and countless other chemicals. These substances can cause rashes, itches, allergies, sinus problems and more. The residue left on your clothes, bed sheets, etc. is absorbed through your skin, as is everything else you touch.


Most Dishwashing products contain chlorine in a dry form that is highly concentrated. The #1 cause of household poisoning is dish detergent. Dishwashing liquids are labeled "harmful if swallowed." Each time you wash your dishes, some residue is left on them, which accumulates with each washing. Your food picks up part of the residue.

Toilet cleaners usually contain hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive irritant to both skin and eyes that damages kidneys and liver; and hypochlorite bleach, a corrosive irritant that can burn eyes, skin and respiratory tract. They can also cause pulmonary edema, vomiting or coma if ingested. Some lime removers contain highly caustic sodium hypochlorite and phosphoric acid which are very irritating to lungs and dangerous for people with asthma and heart disease.


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Environmental Leadership

nu kleen South Africa follows strict enviro-performance - sustainable development production and operating guidelines. we are committed to adhere to its principles in order to maintain best practices in product development;
• focus on the health & safety of all end users (household / businesses / contractors cleaning)
• protect the environment
• develop innovative and high performance products according to strict quality control guidelines

EU Ecolabel
EU Flower
Life cycle considerations


EU Ecolabel
Canadian Environmental Certification
Life cycles considerations


EU Ecolabel
European Nordic Countries
Life cycle, environment, climate and performance. Includes bacteria based products


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